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Passionate, hands-on problem solvers

partim is a team of hands-on problem solvers and automotive insiders. We bring decades of experience as entrepreneurs, managers and consultants to every project. We are devoted to our work. We approach our tasks with passion, take on responsibility and see leadership as the interaction of all to achieve a common goal. That’s what we are working for 24/7 – with the strongest possible focus on results and success.

Consulting and investment

Our main areas of expertise include spare parts management as well as interim, escalation and task force management. We focus on pragmatic solution strategies that are quick to implement. In addition, we take stakes in companies from the automotive and logistics sectors, who we actively support in future-proofing their business.

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Specialists for spare parts management
»Spare parts management is a weak point for many tier-1 suppliers. Frequently, this area only becomes the centre of attention after millions of euros of losses have been incurred, putting the very survival of the company at risk. We stop this development, which can threaten the existence of the business, by defining an effective spare parts strategy – in coordination with everyone involved in the process.«

Stephan Ellenbeck
Founder, owner and managing director of partim

Our values

We live our values

Our values describe what guides the way we think and act. We live our values every day, within our team and in our collaboration with customers.

partim is part
of the team

Our name reflects our commitment and the way we act. We work with our customers as a team. For us, good teamwork, with members supporting each other in all aspects of their work, is the key to success.


Achieving success with passion – this is just one of our defining qualities. We are dedicated to our work and have the absolute will to implement solutions in collaboration with our customers. In doing so, we always focus on what’s essential.


We are always respectful in our interaction with our team members and customers. We give them the freedom as individuals to contribute to the success of our projects.


With us, what you see is what you get – professionals who take decisive, but well-thought-out action. We face the realities, name problems openly, act decisively – always focusing on our values and objectives.


We lead and inspire people, teams or organisations to achieve our joint objectives through the interaction of people, skills and resources.


We see a diverse workforce and society as an asset. We value diversity in society and in business and support people in developing their individual strengths and skills.


partim is part of the solution

Together with you we develop pragmatic, integrated solutions along the value chain. We draw on extensive and in-depth knowledge of the automotive and logistics world. Our expertise comprises serial production processes and production processes in general, machines and tools, quality management, supply and supplier management, product lines and price negotiations, logistics consulting and complex supply chain analyses.

Experienced problem solvers

We are experienced managers and consultants, but above all we are problem solvers! We speak your language, with you as our partners. We know which solutions are best practice and we think cross-functionally. We bring all our skills and expertise to every project. For us, success is achieved as a team, and we are an active part of thatpartim is part of the solution.

Spare parts management

Pragmatic solutions along the value chain

Task force management

Competence and leadership for interdisciplinary working groups

Interim management

Supporting turnarounds as temporary managers


Maintaining the capacity to act through a rule-based escalation process


Spare parts management


Analysis of the current state

Analyses of the current situation at tier-1 suppliers in the automotive industry often show that spare parts management is somewhat undervalued and often perceived as a disruption to production processes. This creates growing supply and quality problems, resulting in losses, often in the millions. At this point at the very latest, fast and effective action is of the essence.

We identify the causes

We know the most common causes for underperformance in terms of spare parts supply and quality management. Typical problems include a non-existent spare parts strategy, too much variety of parts, no tool management, a lack of transparency in many areas and the negative image of spare parts production as a disruptive factor.

We develop solutions along the value chain

To solve quality and supply issues, we develop an efficient spare parts strategy together with all parties involved. To this end, we bring our in-depth technological knowledge and our excellent process expertise to the table to aid the production of high-quality products. In addition, you will benefit from our strong distribution network as well as our long-established connections to top managers at spare parts OEMs. We act as independent mediators with extensive sales expertise in the necessary price negotiation processes.
Partim Ersatzteilmanagment
Partim Ersatzteilmanagment

Interim management


Crisis and change

We act as interim managers to support companies that are facing a crisis situation or need to organise a radical change. We take on a leadership position to guide companies through change processes such as restructuring and mergers.

We manage the turnaround

As interim managers during difficult times, we manage the turnaround – in an objective, unbureaucratic and transparent manner. We make the necessary, sometimes painful decisions objectively, relieving the permanently established or future management team of this burden. Our evaluations are objective, our actions create stability.

We generate acceptance and open up new prospects

We are responsible for planning and implementation; we act in a straight-forward and unbureaucratic manner. In addition, we seek open communication with all parties involved – from the board and management team to employees and partners, from creditors to investors. In this way, we make decisions transparent and comprehensive, and promote their acceptance. It is our objective to create a new, stable foundation for the business and thus to open up new prospects for a successful future.

Escalation management


The term ‘Escalation’

The uncontrolled escalation of crises and conflicts in companies is often the result of the term ‘escalation’ being perceived negatively. The necessity for effective escalation management is ignored.

We implement rules

When we are being entrusted with managing a project in a company, we implement a rule-based escalation process defining vertical escalation stages. This prevents conflict situations from escalating without any control.

We ensure that the ability to act is maintained

With a rule-based escalation plan in place, all parties involved in a conflict situation maintain their ability to act. The plan defines which person escalates decisions to the next level, in which situations, and how this is to be done. At this higher management level, the necessary decisions are then made that will ensure the continuation of the project.
Partim Ersatzteilmanagment
Partim Ersatzteilmanagment

Task force management


Pooling competencies

If the leaders at a company in a critical economic situation need potential courses of action quickly, if problems must be solved swiftly, or completely new structures need to be developed, it makes sense to pool all available expertise in a task force.

We know what a task force needs to be successful

We manage or support these interdisciplinary working groups and define the framework for successful task force deployment. This includes far-reaching decision-making powers and an appropriate budget, the complete backing of management and an experienced project manager. In addition, the task force should be as independent of established company structures as possible in order to be able to introduce new and efficient processes.

Our consultants are experienced task force managers

Our consultants possess the necessary leadership skills, assertiveness and empathy to lead the task force. As task force managers they have the skills required to grasp even the most complex situations comprehensively, implement suitable methods and tools, analyse root causes, and develop solutions. They guide the working group in terms of methods and analyses, can facilitate processes, make and justify decisions.

We always give 100 per cent




Jahre Erfahrung
Active investment

partim as part of corporate development

partim invests in companies from the automotive and logistics sector. What counts for us is the long-term perspective. We want to help shape the trajectory of companies by investing in them financially as well as with our industry expertise and our extensive network. We invest our own capital as well as venture capital from our group of investors.

Common values

Transactions may include the acquisition of entire companies or individual company divisions. Getting to know the transaction partners personally can already determine the further course of action. If our counterparts’ values and ideas match ours, we engage in an open and honest communication process, highlighting potential risks at an early stage.

Partim Ersatzteilmanagment

»partim provides practical help through people with extensive practical experience. We know the challenges in the day-to-day business of companies in the automotive sector from our many years of working in the industry and see ourselves as hands-on problem solvers and committed movers and shakers. Personal discussions, open communication and competent on-site support, fast and professional, these are our tools for success.«

Stephan Ellenbeck
Founder, owner and managing director of partim

Measurable success

Average performance indicators for partim projects

Stephan Ellenbeck

Experienced industry expert. Highly motivated mover and shaker.

After graduating in business management from the Technische Akademie Wuppertal, Stephan Ellenbeck worked in various roles at Gebrüder Happich, a supplier to the automotive industry that later merged with the Becker Group and eventually Johnson Controls. Among other tasks, he was spare parts manager at the Becker Group and head of European spare parts at Johnson Controls.


In 2009 he became head of sales at the TLT Group, where he took over as managing director in 2010. He led both the sales division and was director of marketing at the TLT international group of companies, which specialises in automotive and logistics.

Stephan’s expertise in spare parts management is exceptional. He knows the far-reaching implications of this ‘niche’ for other divisions and for entire companies. Stephan is also the ideal person to consult when it comes to supply chain management and agile logistics solutions. Together with TLT founder Alan Cevra, he developed the TLT Group to become a global supply chain service provider for the automotive industry.


In 2012, Stephan set up consulting firm partim. As the managing director of this company, he moves confidently within international corporate structures as well as medium-sized companies and maintains close ties with decision-makers and tier-1 suppliers.
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